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 Sanguine Metal Dawn

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PostSubject: Sanguine Metal Dawn   Tue May 06, 2008 9:37 am

Sanguine Metal Dawn

My hand is copper
My brow is lead
My blood has become streaming silver
Look into my rusted eyes
You’ll see that I am not alive

My heart is iron
My tongue is gold
My flesh is wrought of steel
Run your hands along my gilded thigh
You’ll feel that I am not alive

Lay thyself upon my anvil
Hold still while I make you new
Lay thyself upon my anvil
Lay thyself. Stay thyself

I walk the foul earth infected
Breathing dons an aching array
Dying of thirst, yet constantly drinking
We plead the wind to sweep us away

Oh God, sweep us away
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Sanguine Metal Dawn
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