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 Dark Sector Thoughts

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PostSubject: Dark Sector Thoughts   Mon May 19, 2008 9:37 am

Anyone play this yet? I got around to renting it this weekend and put several hours into it. I am at the end of Chapter 7 I believe and it looks as if there are 10 overall.

Overall, I have to say the gameplay is good. There are a few times I was frustrated due to not being able to jump, but they chose to take a nod from Gears and only allowed you to be able to hurdle over certain objects.

The similarities to Gears doesn't end there. The game was built with the same engine and the character movements are very reminecent to it as well. Taking cover is similar and firing your guns also is. The only thing lacking was a blind fire, which isn't really missed by me.

The guns are a bit generic, but there is a twist to it a bit. You can collect upgrades throughout the game that are 'hidden' and apply them to weapons you have bought, much like with RE4 (even also has an odd, creepy weapon dealer). You cannot keep the guns you get from enemies as they are only good in the zone the enemy is to be in, so upgrading them is worthless.

The best weapon you have is your Glaive. It is basically like a boomerang with three blades attached to it. As the game progresses, you get more special abilities with it that make killing with it even more interesting and useful. You also use it solve some occasional puzzles, which are well done for an action game. Not too frequent and not too difficult, yet a few require just a bit of thought before you can proceed.

The bad things so far is that the story, the setting, the characters (including the main) and the dialogue are all terrible. They take a solid gameplay set and almost ruin it. Also, I have reached a point in the game where I haven't gained any new abilities and the game is beginning to finally feel very repetitious because of it.

It also is a bit unbalanced. Some Chapters are short, some are painfully long with seemingly no end. The game also switches from not needing hardly anything other than your glaive for half the game, to needing buffed up weaponary in a matter of minutes.

The level design is hit and miss overall thus far. I think the designs would feel better if I wasn't fighting the same wave of enemies over and over, which is what some of the later levels are starting to feel like. The boss fights have little build up and just seem to happen randomly. I blame that on the poor story and overall, just poor direction.

That's where I am at with this game so far. Will have a final word when I am finished.
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Dark Sector Thoughts
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